About Me

profileHello, my name is Randall Hall, Randy to my friends.

But you are probably asking yourself “Who is this guy, and why do I care?”

Well for the last 20+ years I have been in IT business. Technology isn’t my focus, my focus has been the people using the technology. I love helping people, and I really love it when people ask me to teach them. So I want you to come to this blog and leave with some new information or at least a new way of thinking about something.

What brought about this focus for me? Well it’s really not that hard to pinpoint the big turning points in my life. Two stand out, but there are more.

The first one is that Sunday back in 1992 when PBS ran Les Brown all afternoon. I had flunked out of college after breezing through high school and was back living at home. I enrolled in a six month technical program, frankly because I didn’t think I would survive living with my Mom for the whole two year one she wanted me to take. I was pretty deep in my “butt-head” phase and her patience would only go so far.

I slept in Sunday, as I often did, and I staggered out of my room and grabbed the comics and tv guide from the Sunday paper. As I looked over the day’s TV schedule, I saw the big block on PBS. Not normally something I would watch, something about “Les Brown You Deserve and Live Your Dreams” grabbed my attention. Not knowing anything about Les Brown, something drove me to setup the VCR in my room so I could record the show.

If you haven’t had a chance to listen to or watch Les Brown, I highly recommend him. To say it was life changing is an understatement. I had hope. I had a larger vision of myself. I began working in the computer industry, originally with an eye of running my own PC shop but eventually moved away from that idea and more into service. Helping people, not machines.

Flash forward a little more than a decade and we come to the second moment. It was summer of 2004. My mom passed in 2000, and while that was an important event in my life, the “life changing” part of it didn’t come until later. I had just broken up with a girlfriend over religious differences. I won’t go into details, but suffice to say being with her made me question if I was looking for the easy way out of religion. I began exploring other religions and read the book Wiccan Warrior by Kerr Cuhulain. It was a very interesting take on Wicca and Kerr combined his own martial arts training and philosophy into it that really appealed to me.

Around the same time, I learned about Reiki from a co-worker. Reiki is a Japanese system of self development through meditation and energy work. The most popular aspect of Reiki is the hands on healing energy component. But neither the book or my entry into the world of Reiki were the second turning points in my life. They were only warmups.

The second big event in my life was meeting Flora Elmore. I first met Flora at her Monday night yoga classes. Even then, I didn’t know at the time that she would become such an important part of my life. That came when I started her nine month Wiccan course. Shortly after the course began, I offered to teach her the martial arts that I knew. So Tuesdays, I was the student, and Wednesdays, she was the student. I think it was the Wednesdays that drove me to overcome my doubts and self criticisms enough to finish her class.

Flora taught me about choosing your family. She taught me to be empowered. She taught me that it is okay to ask for help. Her lessons made me a better person in all areas, even the technical side.

So what do I want you to get out of this blog? Well it started out as a WordPress blog, but I want more for you than that. I like WordPress and how much easier it is to create websites than HTML and CSS ever were. I think it is a great tool.

But what I really want is to help you take charge of you. Take charge of your health, your finances, your work, your play, your emotions, your spiritual side, your family, your relationships. All of you.

Hopefully, you will find some good in all of this.