A friend who had his WordPress site hacked (and no backups) asked me about securing his blog. So I could either take 20 minutes to explain the process, or record an 8 minute video to show the steps.

Enjoy my 8 minute video.

There are the very first things I do to secure all of my WordPress sites right after they are installed. I use two plugins to set this up.

They are free and you can download them straight from your WordPress site.

I also recommend you get an Amazon S3 account to store your backups “off-site” as it were. That way if anything happens to your hosting account, you have the backups elsewhere.

One thing I left out – I always run backups on productions sites before installing update.



P.S. If you want someone else to manage your security, backups, and updates, submit your request through the Contact Me form, and I will get back with you shortly.